Terms and Conditions for Sergent Major Gift Card.

1. Sergent Major Gift Card minimum top up amount is 100 AED and redemption has no limitations.
2. Sergent Major Gift Card may only be used as a method of payment for goods/purchases exclusively in Sergent Major Stores in UAE.
3. The Gift Card shall not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
4. Each Gift Card has a validity of 1 year, from the date of purchase.
5. A Gift Card once purchased cannot be recharged again.
6. If there is any balance on the Gift Card, it will be shown on the receipt.
7. The terms and conditions of this gift card shall be amended at any time at the discretion of GGI Retail, a Franchise Owner of Sergent Major in UAE
8. Sergent Major does not accept any responsibility or liability for lost, damaged, stolen or any unauthorized use of these cards.
9. Money uploaded in one Sergent Major Gift card is not transferable to another Gift Card under any circumstances.
10. Cash Refund is not done. All Refunds are done by issuing a credit note which is valid for 3 months.
12. You can call any Sergent Major Store to check your balance on the Gift Card.
13. A damaged gift card will not be accepted.
14. Acceptance of The Sergent Major Gift Card constitutes acceptance of all of these terms and conditions, changes to which may be effected and published at any time.